Shortage of equipment and supplies to in New York to control spread of Corona Virus.

Shortage of equipment and supplies to in New York to control spread of Corona Virus.
Shortage of equipment and supplies to in New York to control spread of Corona Virus.

Now healthcare workers say they are ill-equipped to fight the spread of this virus and they don’t have enough supplies to protect their patients or themselves. CBS 2’s Ali Bauman talked to a nurse from the Bronx, as health care workers were scared in between her shifts, an ICU nurse at Montefiore Medical Center Michelle Gonzalez bought her own box of face masks at the pharmacy this weekend because she says the hospital just does not have enough.We’re being told to reutilize some of these masts if we’re not in the patient’s room for a long time or we don’t want to reuse a mask that we’re going to touch with our hands our bare hands and then go and put it back on our face.When it could have the virus on it we find it important that we don’t reutilize these masks.So that we don’t put the rest of our community and our fellow co-workers at risk with the near 20% hospitalization rate of cases.

In New York Governor Cuomo says the state’s hospitals will not be able to keep up and there won’t be enough supplies or beds to meet peak demand expected in 45 days.They are expecting as many as 55,000 to 110,000 hospital beds will be needed at that point for local.Congressman are asking the White House to deploy a navy hospital ship to hold New York City patients and Coney Island. Hospital is looking to temporarily expand into MCU Park. Tuesday the state opened a new drive-through testing facility at Jones Beach with more expected to open on Staten Island and in Suffolk and Rockland counties.

The state is asking retired doctors and nurses to volunteer as reserve staff in cases a shortage but the governor says New York’s hospital system still needs federal help we cannot do this on our own.This government has done somersaults it’s performed better than ever before.This government cannot meet this crisis without the resources and capacity of the federal government. I spoke to the president this morning again he is ready willing and able to help all.We are trying to do is reduce the rate that the transmission of this virus goes around the state we would like to reduce the amount of mortality here and we can’t do that unless we have the proper equipment. CEOs from every New York City Hospital are now working to develop a collective patient surge plan to present to the state in the Norwood section of the Bronx.

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