Shortage of Disinfecting Products in New Jersey.

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Shortage of Disinfecting Products in New Jersey. (CoronaVirus Updates)

Tonight residents continue stocking up on supplies. Many store shelves are empty. Bear shelves for disinfecting products and even more concerning, nothing to buy in the medicine aisle at some stores. These are becoming common scenes throughout the region as people buy products. They think they were might not be available in the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak.

The Pittman pharmacy has a few bottles of children’s ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If your child has a fever you are out of luck Thursday at the target in Mantua. State health officials announced six more cases of COVID 19 in northern New Jersey Thursday, ringing the statewide total to 29.

The governor’s office has now asked people to voluntarily suspend all gatherings of more than 250 people. Our full efforts must be put to aggressively mitigating the potential for exposure, and further spread. Social distancing is an important part of this strategy. While south jersey is seeing just three cases of COVID 19 so far.

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