President Trump’s New Tougher Guidelines to Try to Contain Coronavirus

Building unions to modify facilities like norms and former nursing homes, into intensive care units. There are now more than 4600 confirmed Coronavirus cases across the country. 85 people have died. Today, president trump announced tougher guidelines to try to contain it, as the markets took another dive.

This is something it’s an invisible enemy. The president announced sweeping new guidelines defy the coronavirus, urging every American to stay home and work and school for the next 15 days to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people, and eating and drinking at bars, restaurants, and food courts. We know we have a large group of millennial between 25 and 40, they are really key to this, they are a social group so that no more than 10 is very much focused on them.

Mister terms of the virus could last through July or august and cause a recession. The market today had its worst point drop in history, the down nearly 13%, but the president says it will come back when the virus receipts. There’s a tremendous pent-up demand, and once this goes away, when it goes through, and we are done with it, I think you will see a tremendous surge.

Perhaps one of the most drastic actions to stop the virus spread, San Francisco and five other counties ordered everyone to shelter in place until early April. The new public health order that we are announcing will require San Franciscans to remain at home, with exceptions only for essential outings. Amass isolation of 6.7 million people, something Doctor Anthony fauci endorses. The best way to address it would be doing something that looks like it might be an overreaction.

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