People start to get nervous and think that its end of the world due to Coronavirus

People start to get nervous and think that its end of the world due to Coronavirus

People start to get nervous and think okay well if I shouldn’t be in large gatherings should I be in gatherings with a couple of hundred.People going to work getting on the subway all of these types of things that are parts of daily life particularly for New Yorkers, it’s hard to get around without seeing people even though the city is quiet.What do you say to people who think okay fine I won’t go to a baseball game and I won’t go to the theater but what about all those other things protect yourself as best you can. Because it’s not going to be feasible for everyone to avoid like for example, the subway at least at this point in time and it may become a measure where eventually that it’s even shut down but we’re not there yet but protect yourself.There religiously wash your hands keep your surfaces clean work desk etc phone especially tablets things like that. If you’re going to be on the subway make sure you’re not directly touching the rail because you don’t know who’s touched it before you. If they had COVID 19, it’s a time for you know frankly I’m not a big fan of public shaming but and we aren’t in general as a culture but if someone coughs without covering their mouths now’s the time to actually say something to them and you know call them out on that.Those people are getting the side.

I like you wouldn’t believe in the subway these days the mayor addressing some concerns that a lot of people have it. I’d love to talk a little bit more about the financial piece of this because we were discussing this while he was talking but you know addressing things like trying to get legal help for people who can’t pay their rent.You know saying that this is something that they have to at least acknowledge could go on for six months or more and that’s going to affect people’s ability to go to work. The mayor saying that they’re actually trying to let 10% of city workers work from home that’s some 35,000 people, yeah there are people watching this we’re thinking what I am going to do if they shut things down.How are we going to make ends meet,how our business is going to run? But you just brought up a great point to me off air.That perhaps a short-term shutdown could prevent this from getting much worse economically long term.

Yeah absolutely if we don’t think about those types of options now we’re going to pay a lot more than we would, if we think about them later and have tried to implement it later, Once it’s Fred even further than it already has and going back to the testing we don’t even know how far it’s spread.Now we just know that most states have it, the states that don’t have it likely have it and just don’t know about it yet just because they probably don’t have the testing up and running and even the testing we have up and running, it’s still hard to get that we’re only prioritizing those in critical conditions and from any health care workers.

Mayor De Blasio a Democrat of course expressing his support for the House Democrats plan to try to get a relief package together. I mean we are looking at what the United States eight billion dollars that the president initially asked for two and a half now we’re up in the eight billion dollar range how does that compare to. Who other countries are fighting this outbreak and the kind of money that they’re putting forward to control the pandemic.Yeah by comparison, Italy just announced a twenty eight billion dollar package because of their economic losses and recovery from what they’re experiencing right now.So eight point one billion you can imagine is not even going to begin to cover what we’re going to need eventually to contain this virus and pandemic.

It’s interesting to see I mean last night just last night President Trump started talking about a travel ban folks coming here from Europe and you’ve really started to see today I mean we saw some shots earlier today of Times Square looking quieter than it has been in a long time.People saying you know coming to work the subways haven’t been as credit this seems like this is just the beginning of what could be quite.Quite a trickle-down effect of fewer tourists fewer people out about not just in New York but throughout the country.Absolutely I know, you know, I was watching scenes from Italy earlier today where people were out and you know a guy coming home from work was just stopping to snap a photo he was actually fine they said it rested and fine but I’m pretty sure he was just fine so but you know we’re going to see more of that because we have to enforce social distancing at this point in time.

It is a huge inconvenience it is going to cost a lot of money and unless a federal and national declaration of emergency or national security emergency is declared.We can’t do that nationally just like we saw with post Katrina a lot of people would not have survived without FEMA issuing those cash and credit cards etc to help them get along to pay those rents and pay their bills and we’re gonna have to see that to get through this.

Dr. Ferrer I have to thank you so much time for us because I know you are in demand today you have several news appearances to make thanks for hanging with us and talking everybody through this I appreciate it.

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