Music’s biggest stars encouraging statements in the time of Corona Virus crises.

Coronavirus outbreak has shut down concert!

The corona virus outbreak has shut down concert halls and theaters but some of music’s biggest stars are still able to entertain fans celebrities are also offering a couraging words to spread hope. CBS 2’s dick Brennan has more on that hello this is a message for all the health care workers out there to all the health care workers thank you we all want to thank you in the midst of an extraordinary healthcare crisis moments of gratitude for the people fighting for us.We all are feeling a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty at a time like this you’re not immune to and yet there you are thank you thank you so much for everything to keep us all healthy.

There are those fighting the virus on their own front lines like Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson on Instagram.Hanks the typewriter collector posted and wrote the symptoms of Corona Virus.My wife has won six straight hands of gin rummy and leads by 201 points as social distancing keeps us apart all across the country.Performers are showcasing their talents for all of us to appreciate Broadway may have gone dark but stars are still giving their regards.

Producer James Wesley and his husband musician Seth Rudetsky have begun live streaming with performers from Broadway and Beyond from their homes last night was opening night featuring superstar Kelly O’Hara. Now’s a time we could use a little cheering up from a legend and understanding troubling times there’s nothing like beautiful music.

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