Latest Update on Corona Virus in U.S, and restrictive measures to contain it.

Christine will be with you, like many of you, we are working with a smaller staff to try and keep everyone as safe as possible, a live picture tonight from times square tells a story best, it is normally packed with there you see it a virtually empty, at this hour. These are some of the strictest rules the tri-state is ever seen and tonight all three governors are closing movie theaters, bars, casinos, and gyms indefinitely.

All New Jersey, schools will shut down an international level, president trump is recommending gatherings of 10 or more people for at least the next 15 days keep those numbers below 10 he says, there are now 950 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York state is the most in the country, 463 in the city, 220 in Westchester. In New Jersey there are 178 confirmed cases, and Connecticut has 41.

Those numbers and growing concern surrounding the virus forestall three governors to join forces today. Effective at 8 pm tonight, restaurants and bars across the tri-state closed in person dining, only allowing takeout and delivery. Movie theaters, gyms, and casinos are also closed.

There are some people out and about here tonight, in hell’s kitchen, but there’s nowhere for them to go. You can see behind me, this bar was shut down, the restaurant next to that also closed. You can see a few people out walking at this hour, earlier tonight we saw quite a few people in the bars before that 8 pm in person shut down, and then they were swiftly kicked out of those establishments.

We were also talking to some delivery people, and despite what you might think, they say they are not yet seeing an increase in orders. Once 8 pm neared, people were asked to leave bars and restaurants. Others were turned away. It’s past 8:00 some closed even earlier, unclear when and if they will be back in business. Restaurants like this on 9th avenue are shutting down entirely for now. We want to stop the bleeding a little bit right now. Assess the situation with clear mines, and see what we can do.

Before closing its doors, an act of kindness, they donated all remaining food to anyone walking by. Figured, you know what, this is the right thing to do. It’s really nice. Everybody is in panic and these guys are doing this. It’s good to spread it.

Other people we spotted were getting last- minute workouts in before the 8:00 Jim closures, and also freezing her gym memberships. Right now, I have dumbbells in my apartment, so that’s what I’ll do. People who own or work in restaurants, bars, gyms, they’re all worried. We are seeing people with much less money in their pocket and tremendous fear about what will happen next. There should be at least a little sense of relief that the House of Representatives acted on Friday, but it is not enough, we need more.

For now, they say to keep helping, keep ordering. Stay home, and order from your favorite restaurant, orders from your favorite bar. Empanada mama, which operates 24 hours a day, is changing its hours, and if people don’t do delivery, may also have to shut down altogether, too. If it’s as slow as we are predicting, hopefully not, we will cancel that as well, unfortunately. The city is suspending its crackdown of e bikes, because they recognize how important deliveries are going to be in the coming days. One thing the city has yet to suspend, his alternate side parking. That is still in effect for tomorrow, and has a lot of people scratching their heads.

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