Latest on UK’s Corona Virus States and Measures that Government taking to stop spread of Disease.

Pandemic of coronavirus

As the pandemic of coronavirus claims more lives around the world.The people of the United Kingdom are now being advised to make drastic changes to their day-to-day existence. Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected criticism that his government had been slow to respond to the scale of this crisis.Mr. Johnson said now was the moment to stop all non-essential contact with other people and to avoid all non-essential travel.The over seventies, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions they all needed to be particularly vigilant, entire families must self isolate for 14 days if just one member has a persistent new cough or a high temperature.

From this weekend those with the most serious health conditions should be isolated from social contacts for 12 weeks.The advice came as the number of confirmed cases in the UK rose to 1500 and 43 and 55 people are now known to have died from the virus in the UK that’s an increase of 20 on yesterday.The chief medical adviser warned that the new restrictions on people’s lives would need to last for a long while.

Our health editor Hugh pip has this first report this evening around the UK the streets were lot quieter than usual after an extraordinary intervention which will affect everyone’s daily lives.This is a huge and unexpected step change in the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.The prime minister said drastic action was needed to slow the growth in cases he had a series of messages first on household isolation and those with a persistent cough or fever if you or anyone in your household has one of those two symptoms then you should stay at home for 14 days.That means that if possible you should not go out even to buy food or essentials other than for exercise and in that case at a safe distance from others.There was guidance on social distancing for the whole population.Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.People need to start working from home where they possibly can and you should avoid pubs clubs theaters and other such social venues.

Pregnant women and Coronavirus

The over seventies and pregnant women were urged to be extra vigilant infections and pregnancy are not a good combination in general and that is why we’ve taken the very precautionary measure.Whilst we try and find out more to include pregnant women in the group alongside older women and people who’ve got pre-existing significant health conditions.We may in retrospect find that was overkill but we’d rather be more cautionary now rather than the other way.Many people including milk millions of fit and active people over 70 may feel listening to what I’ve just said that there is something excessive about these measures but I have to say I believe they are overwhelmingly worth it to slow the spread of the disease.To reduce the peak to save life, minimize suffering and to give our NHS the chance to cope isolating the sickest is to be an immediate priority in a few days’ time.

By this coming weekend it will be necessary to go further and to ensure that those with the most serious health conditions are largely shielded from contact from social contact for around 12 weeks.The NHS meanwhile is pushing on fast to make room for the inevitable surge in patient numbers because of the virus at the Mater Hospital in Belfast.They’re preparing specialist beds with ventilators nurses are being trained in using protective clothing to care for patients who have tested positive.It’s warm it’s challenging it’s like you’re in the desert really basically and there’s no air be in there for about 40 minutes out of time.

So we’re trying to do everything that we need to do for that patient in that time frame to keep ourselves then if with the risks of the masks hospital leaders point out that most patients will recover quickly and won’t need specialist care but they’re worried about the large volume of cases expected. I think what scares us is the potential for the numbers of patients that could come and we don’t really know how many could come at the moment and but we have been preparing for the worst.Absolutely preparing for the worst and but I’m confident that we are prepared for that but some doctors elsewhere in the UK say the NHS isn’t prepared for what’s coming we are not ready we are running out of masks already knowing that we haven’t even started into the crisis.There’s a crucial lack of ventilators and even oxygen supply it might be in danger it’s a dramatic shift in policy and critics will say it should have happened sooner.But officials here in the Department of Health say it was only today when government scientific advisers predicted a significant escalation in case numbers requiring radical new measures it’s the biggest public health policy intervention in peacetime.It’ll have profound implications no one knows how long it’ll last and when these streets will be buzzing with life again.

World Health Organization WHO Views on Coronavirus

Hugh Pym BBC news well as you were saying that today’s announcement marks a significant shift from the government’s position last week minutes before the news conference took place.Today the World Health Organization called for stronger measures than the UK and some other countries were taking.Officials are now convinced that the UK is on the verge of a major surge in cases and there are genuine concerns about the impact on the NHS.

Italy explain why such drastic measures over Coronavirus

Our medical correspondent first watch has more details these images of makeshift field hospitals from northern Italy explain why such drastic measures are being taken in the UK. Coronavirus cases have overwhelmed some critical care units in Lombardi with over 800 people in intensive care there.That’s why a key aim is to slow the spread of corona-virus in the UK. It’s estimated with three weeks behind Italy and if no action is taken the epidemic here will double every five to six days.The objectives are to really suppress the curve in order to keep it below NHS capacity so that the NHS can cope and to shield the vulnerable and those most likely to get severe disease so that we protect them across this period. The aim is to reduce deaths and minimize suffering four out of five people will have a mild illness but a significant minority will need hospital treatment due to breathing problems and pneumonia.One in 20 of those infected may need intensive care.

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