Latest on New Jersey’s Corona Virus States after first confirmed child case.

1st confirmed child case in New Jersey

In New Jersey there are nearly 100 new confirmed cases including the first child bringing the total now just 267.Governor Murphy is asking the US military and Army Corps of Engineers for assistance and he also ordered all indoor malls to close. CBS 2’s Jessica Layton has more from Paramus with a few hours left on the clock for civilization as we know it in New Jersey there is no mad dash at the malls only a few wandering around mostly in masks. 30 workers spent the final hours at Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus packing up boxes Elvin Soto was hoping to sell one last ice cream cone before 8 p.m. When the amusement parks malls and therefore his business were forced to close.

New Jersey’s Corona Virus

During the coronavirus crisis at the direction of the state not a word for so long starting Saturday in Bergen County groups congregating in public are limited to four people except for families and the county executive is implementing an 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. curfew that is two hours longer than the states where necessary.We will override local or county actions to make sure that we are consistent. There’s a lot of confusion the mayor of Englewood is worried about the county executives rule that puts a 50-person limit in the supermarkets.You’re going to have elderly people waiting outside four or five hours and it’s just not efficient use even with social distancing.

Difficult times facing people in USA

These are difficult times we are facing something that a generation before us hasn’t faced and our children are watching us we have to make sure that we preserve life.Quite literally preserving life is the priority in Paterson after a mother father and their five year old child all tested positive all three are isolated at home our team from the Health Department is actively monitoring the situation the entire family is recuperating the state’s first pediatric infection brings the total number of cases in New Jersey to nearly 270.

Need to stop CoronaVirus

The need to stop the spread has prompted all this unprecedented action how long it will last is anyone’s guess.You gather this situated from day by day the governor reminds us that people out of work right now are eligible for unemployment benefits but a warning about that the online system was so overwhelmed Monday that it crashed.

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