Latest lockdown measures that Tri-States taken to control spread of CoronaVirus.

Latest lockdown measures that Tri-States taken to control spread of Coronavirus.
Latest lockdown measures that Tri-States taken to control spread of Coronavirus.


Now at six closure countdown business is set to close in just two hours as efforts to battle the coronavirus ramped up.What will be open and what won’t stock markets plunge again as coronavirus fears grow.The impact it’s having on Wall Street now and the battle for beds scrambling to prepare hospitals to keep a crush of patients from overwhelming the system.How many beds could be needed and where will they come from.

Tri-state governors are now joining forces tonight to fight this pandemic now taking a regional approach and implementing changes to slow the spread.Gatherings of over 50 people or more are not permitted, bars restaurants gyms movie theaters and casinos across the tri-state. All ordered to close at 8:00 tonight and more drive-through testing is on the way.Mayor De Blasio announced five facilities are in the works across the city.Governor Cuomo also said some are coming to Long Island and Rockland too.

Latest lockdown measures that Tri-States taken to control spread of Coronavirus.
Latest lockdown measures that Tri-States taken to control spread of Coronavirus.

Tri-States lockdown Coronavirus

There are now over 1100 cases in the tri-state New York leading the nation with 950 cases seven of them deadly, 178 in New Jersey with two deaths and Connecticut has 41 cases.And these numbers are expected to rise.

The next thing that’s going to happen is the economic hit.We’re now in the final hours as you indicated for thousands and thousands of businesses big and small with the exception of takeout and delivery restaurants and bars tonight at 8:00 p.m. are about to close.

Bartender Cheryl Mosely won’t have customers on a Tuesday either or any day for the foreseeable future. It’s sad it’s rough but you know I guess the government knows what’s best for people city state and federal guidelines about to change everyone’s lives through the spring and maybe summer too.As a new reality sinks in for New York City it will get a lot worse before it gets better. I don’t take any joy in saying that but people expect our leaders to talk straight with them starting tonight at 8:00 bars and restaurants must shut down or switch to takeout and delivery only.Gyms must also close the mayor spent one final day at his Brooklyn workout today. I knew in advance that it was a very socially distanced situation there was almost no one there.

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Over 10 million people locked at home due to Coronavirus:-

Meanwhile for the families of 1 million schoolchildren it was a day spent waiting in long lines to stock up on groceries getting really scary now and for the Department of Education.Day one of a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch service at every city school multi-grain Cheerios the Chancellor said it’s meant to minimize the pain for families who depend on school for nutrition. I think that’s only gonna get more and more robust as weeks go by because people will understand that you know we’re not kidding so many people at home still trying to navigate how to handle this.For example we spoke to one couple today the woman she had a fever she was home the husband still thought he had to go to work at his patent law office changed his mind at the last minute the mayor has yet to tell people that they have to stay home but indicated that could change in the days and weeks ahead.For New York as so much is changing daily.

No restrictions are set to begin in New Jersey the states reporting 80 new cases of corona virus nearly doubling the number of the previous reported confirmed cases ringing the garden state’s total now to 178.At 8:00 Casinos gyms and non-essential businesses will close restaurants and bars will stop serving in-house but will offer delivery and takeout all schools and universities have in order to close on Wednesday.

It’s second the governor’s ordered closing the schools does not include daycare centers however cities such as Jersey City and Hoboken are ordering their daycare centers to shut down so despite all of this effort to make things uniform across the tri-state. Not everyone is on the same page we will not put students educators and staff and their families at risk Ethan Orlando already tell us cooling soon all students in New Jersey will be doing so.Next Saturday everyone is being asked to stay home if they’re not essential workers like Hoboken Saturday night across the state bars and restaurants are shutting down for the duration accept takeout and delivery at 11:00.

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