Impact of Coronavirus on Restaurant’s and bar’s Business.

Impact of Coronavirus on Restaurant’s and bar’s Business.

President trump says he is confident the markets will rebound. Big changes we were talking about taking effect are causing deep concern in the restaurant industry and its workers. Restaurants and bars are shutting doors to help stop the spread of the virus. These are drastic changes, no other way to put it. Inside City Hall no sense of what’s going to happen to business owners and employees who are going to feel the pain.

As of tonight restaurants, bars, cafes will only be allowed to serve takeout and delivery. Fears of the coronavirus have had an impact. Business is down by 80%. I have to cut my staff every day. Everybody is afraid to come out. The manager says this sort of drop off is unsustainable. This is really bad. I have no idea. You have to pay rent and i don’t think the landlords care. We’ll see what happens.

Many in New York I have talked to are worried when things get back to normal, it won’t look or feel the same. A lot of the places high rents and don’t last and go out anyway. This will really push them over the edge i am afraid. We have to pray and hope that it turns outs well for everybody.

The mayor says the reality is people will lose work. They will feel the impact but it is about coming together. Immediately we are seeing working people with much less money in their pockets and tremendous fear about what’s going to happen next. There should be at least a little sense of, he leaf that the House of Representatives acted Friday but it is not enough, we need more.

The mayor says people can order takeout and delivery but even that’s changed. I have a lot of deliveries before. Right now, only one a day, so not even deliveries. Nothing as for the few riders who have opted to keep working, there is still concern. I am a bit nervous, you know. I don’t know if I am going to be able to make enough money to pay my bills, take care of myself, and my family.

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