Due to Coronavirus, All non-essential travel is banned in Italy, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe


Due to Coronavirus, All non-essential travel is banned in Italy, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe

With every province affected Latin America’s biggest airline is cutting 30% of its international flights because of falling demand and Denmark has closed all its schools and universities along with Norway. Greece Lithuania and Slovakia our foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Rugman reports this was an empty row this morning let Dolce Vita this is not all bars cafes and restaurants now joining schools and universities in closing.

All non-essential travel is banned in Italy and when a man fainted in the capital’s main railway station a team in protective clothing was filmed taking him away.Food shops are open these queueing shoppers clearly well over the 1 meter apart required only a few people are allowed inside this delicatessen at any one time.The manager uses yellow tape to enforce a safe distance though with over a thousand dead in Italy so far.He’s certainly not complaining about doing his bit gross or gendered Massimo. The government’s doing its best were in a war against an invisible enemy and our generation just isn’t prepared for this type of situation.

Due to Coronavirus, All non-essential travel is banned all over the world

In Spain King Felipe and the entire Spanish cabinet have been tested for the corona virus after the infection rate soared.In a few days over 80 have died many schools have shut for a fortnight and the Prime Minister is conducting future meetings via videolink. France holds local elections this Sunday but politicians have been told to avoid the usual kissing and handshakes.In Greece the ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic flame looked like a vision from heaven though without spectators and amid an urgent call by the Greek government for more doctors and nurses.

There’s speculation the Olympics in Tokyo in July will be postponed and though the organizers insist that the games are going ahead, Donald Trump has suggested a year’s delay, I like that better than I like having empty stadiums all over the place. I think if you cancel it make it a year later that’s a better alternative than doing it with no crowd.

In Norway there following Denmark’s lead by closing all schools and universities those involved in treating patients are forbidden from leaving the country until the end of next month.The Danes with over 500 cases are claiming one of the most dramatic increases anywhere.In Europe public sector workers who aren’t critical to the emergency response are being sent home.

In Iran the cabinet met wearing face masks the surge in cases there has left over 10,000 ale with more than 400 dead.This is a satellite image of a cemetery in the holy city of calm filmed last October back then there was still burial space in the top right of the picture but by last month that space was filled with many more graves suggesting a far higher death toll than officially claimed.

Well the French president Emmanuel macron has just been making a national address about the crisis Jonathan Rugman has been watching it Jonathan bring us up to date on what he’s been saying.Well the death toll in France has risen from 48 to 61 in the last 24 hours and president macro in his address to the French people has announced that all schools universities and nurseries will be closed in France.From Monday and he hasn’t put a date as to when they’re going to reopen he has said that young people are the most likely that most the best spreaders of this virus and that’s those are the grounds on which he is closing schools and universities.He’s also urged people aged 70 and above are most vulnerable.Those with health issues to stay at home for as long as possible.

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