Difficulties that people are facing due to travel restrictions and ban on gatherings to control CoronaVirus.

Difficulties that people are facing due to travel restrictions and ban on gatherings to control CoronaVirus.

Dr. Joseph fair he joins me now on set thank you so much for being here.This is alarming for some people, this is New York City’s mayor, New York is what many people consider you know a capital city here in the US. It’s a major city in the United States economic capital yes for sure I mean Wall Street is here and we saw what happened on Wall Street today.The mayor using the term state of emergency I know that is a financial term but people hear the word emergency and it strikes a little bit of a panic and rightfully so whenever you hear the word emergency you should but first and foremost, It is what you said.

It is a financial measure that means the federal government will now be able to reimburse the city for costs, that it has not planned into its annual budget for the rapid upsurge in both care and testing and everything else that’s going to be required to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Secondly declaring an emergency also convinces you know that percentage of people that aren’t taking this seriously, that they need to take this seriously this is not a joke this is not a hoax even if you yourself are healthy and you may be fine you risk infecting people that are not going to be fine.So everyone has to be on the same page and declaring a state of emergency helps get everyone on the same page for people, who this week are still wondering how serious this is and should I take this seriously.

You start to hear things like Broadway is going dark. New York City is clearing a state of emergency baseball is not going to start on time, opening day is going to be at least delayed, two weeks March Madness has been canceled, and hockey is suspended. I mean we’re not gonna have any major pro sports playing right now.The biggest college basketball championship is not going to be happening.If people start to think wow large gatherings are not a great idea and people are taking some serious measures.

How important is it to do that?Right now to contain things perhaps for a short period of time even absolutely essential in fact you know we’re looking at a level of shutdown that we probably haven’t seen since 9/11 and that was just the airline industry.So shutting down mostly everything that’s going to contribute to spreading the pandemic mass gatherings places where people come to a lot.Any non-essential services hospitals pharmacies those things will stay open groceries they’ll stay open you have to keep them open otherwise we’re looking at pretty much a shutdown of everything else.

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