Difficulties that more than 100 volunteers are facing to cope Corona in Ramapo Valley.

Difficulties that more than 100 volunteers are facing to cope Corona in Ramapo Valley.
Difficulties that more than 100 volunteers are facing to cope Corona in Ramapo Valley.

We have an e-team exclusive tonight, emergency medical technicians, they are on the front lines of this corona virus pandemic, News 4 investigative reporter Sarah Wallace got an up-close look at what they’re up against and their most pressing concerns she’s live and suffering with more about what they’re dealing with.

Sarah on Stacey you know we’re hearing an awful lot about first responders and their courage but imagine going into potential danger as a volunteer.That’s the case with the Ramapo Valley ambulance corps here they remain undeterred even amid new challenges Carroll tomate is front and center of a team of volunteer.

EMTs at the Ramapo Valley ambulance corps responding to potential coronavirus calls amid other emergencies they’re now getting upward of a dozen calls a day and running dangerously low on protective equipment.They don’t have enough masks each call is one mask so we have an order of 250 masks that are supposed to be here they’re not here yet.

Right now we’re limited to a few masks in the rig you know we’re hoping that when the calls come through they actually say that it’s a possible Corona virus case so we see it up and we do go in. I have field officers out there making sure that our members do go in properly clothes.

Demond says the town of Ramapo has refused to fund the ambulance Countthis year shutting them out and what more has issued supplies to other agencies some not necessarily exposed to the same up-close of dangerous.We’re not getting funded for our volunteer agency therefore I believe that that’s why we’re not getting any supplies.

The town of Ramapo told us a limited number of hand sanitizers were dispensed primarily to the most vulnerable and then to town employees.The supervisor added the town does not believe RV AC is in need of funding so the future of the more than 100 volunteers who donate their services is uncertain.

In many ways the Ramapo Police Department says it is no longer sending an officer to every medical call as it did before.We now took on another job we’re also protecting the scene because we don’t know what we’re going into every calls different so kind of.We’re doing dual roles now, how is that it’s scary I keep doing it because if I don’t do it do it this is what I signed up for I took an oath disable apps no matter what the position is.

This is what I’ve always wanted to do I’ve always wanted to give back amazing attitude, what’s mystifying to the leadership of the ambulance corps is that they say that they were told in February that they would be funding.Now all of a sudden there seems to be a question in this time of potential great need.

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