11 Years Old Jaden Perez’s Inspirational Story of Donation in Corona Virus Crises.

11 Years Old Jaden Perez’s Inspirational Story of Donation in Coronavirus Crisis.
11 Years Old Jaden Perez’s Inspirational Story of Donation in Coronavirus Crisis.

Corona Virus Crises.

The crisis is bringing out the very best in some people. CBS 2’s Dick Brennan with the story of a little boy who’s stepping up.Hi I’m here to drop a donation of him when times get tough, 11 year-old Jaden Perez steps up to the plate he has more than 1,000 of them after learning about coronavirus from his Memorial Middle School teachers.The woodland park fifth grader instantly thought of the safety of his community and sprung into action.So I told my mom, mom a lot of kids don’t have hand sanitizer and can we donate to my school.With his mom’s help and credit card Jayden bought enough hand sanitizers for every school in the district as well as 50 for the Woodland Park Library, 50 for the police department and another 50 for the fire department.

A donation that first responders with the Woodland Park Police Department formerly west Paterson say is priceless.Right now hand-washing is a very important task that the officers while they’re out in the road don’t always have a chance to run to a sink so having this in your hand is a very important thing.These items are now a hot commodity Jaden’s mom Anna Rosado says thatshe had to place the order quickly even towards the end of February sanitizers were flying off the shelves, Rosados says her donation also gives parents the opportunity to teach their children the importance of personal hygiene.Some kids don’t wash their hands and now is the time this is what you need to do to stay safe.

Jaden hasn’t had the opportunity to deliver the sanitizers to his school yet because the entire district is closed for two weeks but plans to as soon as the superintendent team gives him the green light.Each spray bottle marked with Jaden’s message from the bottom of my heart everything you do you do it,from the bottom of my heart as I do a lot of kindness, and I donate around the world, so I do it from the bottom of my heart, this kindness doesn’t stop here.

Jaden just celebrated his 11th birthday and instead of presents asked for animal food to donate to the Clifton Animal Shelter he also says it’ll be extremely tough for animals to get adopted right now so he wants to do his part to help them out.Dick Brennan CBS 2 News we can all learn from Jaden right there he delivered the animal food to the shelter yesterday and he gave the staff a few sanitizers of their own a job well done.

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